Business Person Working Remotely

Can you have your office anywhere?

In this ever-changing world, many of us have more flexibility than ever over the hours we work. With the blurring of lines between work and leisure time, so too it has become more common for…

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Brand Building

5 Ways to Build a Business Customers Will Love

In this day and age of mass-automation, personalising the relationship you have with your customers has never been more important. With the exponential rise in social media customers can easily share their opinions with the…

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Customer satisfaction survey

How to delight your customers

The phrase customer delight is becoming more commonly used in customer service today. You can even take a training course on customer delight strategies! The phrase tends to conjure up connotations of an American diner…

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Taking a call on a building site

How many sales leads have you missed?

Running a business isn’t always easy. It can be demanding, stressful and hard work. Not only do you need to focus on fulfilling the needs of your customers on a daily basis, but you also…

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Hamster on a bicycle

Outsourcing can increase efficiency for SMEs

Outsourcing business functions is often done by big businesses to reduce costs and improve efficiency but many areas can be outsourced for smaller businesses too.  Businesses will often call on outside expertise on an occasional…

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A loyal labrador

How to keep your customers loyal

In the consumer led world we live in today, you might think that customer loyalty is a myth. All customers want is the best price and if they can find a cheaper option they won’t…

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