Your very own, Super PA to manage your calls

  • Screen out sales calls
  • Avoid missing enquiries
  • Present a professional image to your customers

Telephone Answering Service

How It Works

Your nominated PA will answer calls to your business in your business name, as if they are based in your office.

Friendly, professional, helpful – they help create a great impression for your business.

The calls are screened and can be transferred through to you if important and you’re available or a message taken if you’re not.

Diagram showing how customer calls are routed; either transferred to yourself or a message is taken

Packages And Prices

Our basic package starts from just
£50 per month
which is fully inclusive of
50 minutes
of inbound call handling.

Once your account is live, we can assess what your requirements are likely to be and provide a package just for you.

Competitively priced, we’re never bettered for quality of service.

The package includes:

  • Full training for the receptionist who will handle your calls.
  • A complete script briefing so you can decide what you would like us to say to callers.
  • Your choice of message taking or call-screening and selective patching through important calls.
  • Set-up of your unique forwarding number and full support in setting up call diverts.
  • Taking calls and messages for as many different people within your business as you like.
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How will my Virtual PA/Receptionist know how to deal with my calls?

Your PA will be expertly selected to sync in with you and your business. We take a comprehensive briefing from you on how you want your calls to be handled. Everything from why we should tell a caller you’re not available through to which calls we should connect to you, which we should take a message for and which calls you simply won’t take.

Your PA will be able to deal with simple through to more complex calls and answer each call with care and attention to detail as if they are from within your own company. We guarantee that your caller will not sense or feel that we aren’t an integral part of your business.

Are there different levels of service?

In simple terms there are two options.

Message taking - after answering the call in your company name we advise the caller that you’re not currently available (you can choose the reason we give e.g. out of the office, with a client, on the phone etc). We capture the callers name, telephone number and the reason for the call and send you an accurate message by email and/or SMS.

Virtual PA – as with our Message Taking service we answer the call in your business name. After asking the caller for their details we put the call on hold, call you and ask if you’d like us to connect the call to you.

Naturally we can take a brief from you. So if it’s an important call - a Sales Enquiry for example - to try to reach you, but if it’s something more mundane - someone chasing payment of an invoice – to simply take a message

How exactly does your service work?

Setting up couldn’t be simpler. You redirect your phone to a number we provide; you might decide to do this only when you leave the office, if you don’t answer after 3 rings or throughout the day and night. You decide.

When the call comes into your PA they will see your Company details; how you’d like the call to be answered, whether to take a message or try to reach you, even who your VIP customers are.

After finding out who is calling you and why, we either try to connect the call to you or send you the caller’s details by email and/or SMS.

What times do you provide this service for?

We operate 24x7. Package charges are for calls received between 8.00 am - 17.30 pm on Business Days. If your business requires out of hour call answering, we charge £1.30 per minute.

Is there a setup fee?

No. Setup is completely free with no strings attached.

How do I pay for your service?

Payment in monthly in arrears collected by Direct Debit. Each month we send an invoice for the previous month’s calls and collect the payment by DD approximately 10 days later.

Am I tied into a long term contract?

No, absolutely not. The initial committment period is just 3 months, after which only 30 days' notice is required

Is there a fee for sending my message via Email or SMS?

Sending your messages via email is free of charge. We do also offer an optional SMS service.

How much do you charge for calls patched to landlines or mobile?

We charge 10p per minute for the patched call to landline and 20p per minute for the patched call to mobile.

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